Digi One WI-SP - WEP Enabled

Two Questions:
I am having issues with connecting to a Digi One WI-SP with WEP Enabled as 128bit.

I have connected from a laptop in Ad-hoc mode and set the SSID to connect. Configured the unit and started with the no Encryption. Reconnect again via login on the webpage, then set WEP for say"1234567890" under 128 bit WEP. I then reboot the unit.

I have an Acess Point with the same name, but with WEP enabled with the key and can not connect. I tried the Digi Device Discovery and no luck. Anyone know if there are issues.

Why can you not set the serial port like a “printer” in the Digi One SP unit? The WI-SP unit has no option…would the next best thing be REAL PORT.