Serial Bridging?

Does it work? I’ve followed the instructions in Knowledge Base article #1039 (, but I’m getting a fairly constant stream of hex 0x76 chars over the serial port. (I also think it’s strange that the KB link doesn’t mention configuring the network settings on the second Wi-SP…)

I’ve reset both Wi-SPs to factory defaults several times, tried to configure through the web interface and the RS-232 command line interface as a serial bridge, tried to configure as TCP sockets, played with the autoconnect options, and played with the keep-alive options.


Digi Connect Wi-SP:

Component Part-Number Release-Tag

BOOT 82001187 release_82001187_C
POST 82001188 release_82001188_E (V1.1.3)
Stored EOS 82001220 82001220_H2 (V2.4.5.1)
Running EOS 82001220 82001220_H2 (V2.4.5.1)

Nevermind. Tech support found the problem–I wasn’t flipping the correct DIP switches. (In my defense, I think they could label switch 1 and the on/off direction better!)