Digi ongoing support for ESP

I am aware that Digi is currently undergoing a number of changes. A couple of years ago I found the progress of getting started with the ConnectPort range of products quite easy with plenty of documentation.

I’m now needing to revisit all of this for a new deployment of ConnectPort for industrial monitoring and I am having a very very hard time getting the documentation which reminds me how to do it all.

In particular, it took me a very long time to find the ESP for Python software which works great for programming the ConnectPort devices. I noticed that the software is still from 2014.

Does the ESP for Python have a future? Has something else replaced it that I am not aware of? If not, how are the ConnectPort devices supposed to be programmed??

The Digi ESP for Python is an application we actively support. New releases are generally driven by need, either to add a new feature or fix bugs, or to provide content which a customer’s business case requires.

If the Digi ESP for Python isn’t meeting your needs, you might want to discuss this with your Digi Sales Rep to see if such a business case exists. If you’ve discovered a bug, please document the issue you’ve found then contact Technical Support so a bug report can be created.