Digi Port Server TS 8/16

I am trying to migrate from a SCO Unix Server to a RH Linux ES 4 server. I have the digi driver installed and can view the configuration and management via a web browser.

This server and termainl are on their own network. I am unable to get a login through my Wyse 60 terminals. When I ditty-rp -a tty_dgrp_U_1 I receive the error "Resource temp. unavailable. If I ditty port 3, I receive a world of other information.

From past reading on this forum, the information I receive is positive. Both ports are configured as terminals.

What do I need to do to allow my terminals to receive logins through the digi on the Linux network?

When configuring the unit using the web browser did you set the port profiles for “RealPort”?

Make sure the Wyse terminal has the proper cable:


Once you can successfully “ditty” the port, you should run a quick test to confirm the connection to the terminal is good:

      date > /dev/ttyxx##

Then set up the inittab entry.

If you continue to have problems, you should probably contact Digi Tech. Support for further assistance.