digi to lcd monitor

Hi there, I have inherited a DIGI network which consists of a X2D Gateway and a few RS-485 Adapters. I am wondering if I can send data over the DIGI network to a LCD monitor which would act as a sign? The data I am collecting is parking lot occupancy figures, so its fairly minimal in size. I’m wondering how I would “package” this data up at my end, and how I would “unwrap” it at the sign location in order to feed it into a computer monitor?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

We use a PIC16F1459 to drive a small LCD display.

The display is Digi-Key C-51847NFJ-SLW-AFN-ND…unfortunately they have none in stock but you might can find the display (or a similar one) elsewhere.

We transmit to the PIC via serial. We devised a packet scheme with commands to position the cursor, clear the screen, display a character.

There might be displays to which you can transmit serial data directly – using the PIC gave us flexibility.