Digi Transport Heartbeat Port

I am enabling the heartbeat messages on Digi Transport devices but I cannot find any documentation stating which port these messages are sent to. Does anyone know?


I did a analyser trace and it looks to be 4051 UDP

if that helps



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Thanks, James. You’ve now prompted another question. When I attempt an analyzer trace, the IP filters do not take effect. I’ve added my PC address to the “IP Packet Filters | IP Addresses” field and hit “Apply”. When I clear and refresh the trace, my PC address still accounts for a large number of packets. Do you have this issue as well?

Hi if you added the address to the IP filter have you enabled the IP interface ot the ETH interface…

The Filters on work on IP interfaces

and you have added the address without the “~” to negate the address

I just tested this scenario:

  • Only connecting over PPP1
  • Connected from two IP addresses (one for config changes, one for ping test)
  • Enable analyzer trace only on Layer 3, only on PPP interface PPP1, and only on IP source PPP1.
  • IP packet filter = ~ (using tilde here to try and only capture ping traffic)
  • Apply, save, clear the trace

I see all traffic from the config system IP in the trace. I expect to only see the pings.

Can you see an issue with my approach?