DigiBoard 50000254 Model

I have a “Digiboard Portserver/8” that I would like to resurrect and place on the network, but I’m having trouble identifying exactly which model this is on the Digi website. It’s part number is 50000254.

It’s my intent to run Realport to connect to this server in order to run multiple fax modems from a Linux environment.

Can you tell me what product name I would choose on the Digi site for this box?


This is a PortServer/8 RJ45. Here’s a link to the product page:


To find the driver, just select the operating system from the selector on that page.

I also have a Digi PortServer 8/RJ45 and am looking for a replacement power supply. Anyone know the part number of the p/s or know of a source? Also have a Port Server 16/RJ45 (p/n 50000260), also needing a power supply. It looks identical - does it use the same power supply part number?