DigiConnect ME send a character without a realport connection


we use the DigiConnect ME modul with our device.
Our device have a UART connection, where we can connetc a standard RS232 interface or an USB to UART bridge or the DigiConnect ME .

So our device don’t know what interface board is actually connected.

The problem is that the device send permanent data over his UART to the Connect ME modul and the Connetc ME send with a Baudrate of 9600 a 0xc8 back to our device .

We have an very simple protocoll, so that this byte, that the Connect ME send, confuse our device.

When a software connect through the realport Comport to the module the module don’t send this byte …

Can we forbid this sending of this byte ?

thanks for your help

I woudl check to make sure that you have software flowcontrol turned off on the ME, and I would double check your baseboard hardware that the Connect ME is on. There could be a flaw in your hardware causing this character to show up.