DIGIMESH xbeepro xbeep24-dm not able to flash the firmware

I am not able to flash(update) my XBEEP24-DM module. I have tried to load firmware so many times, it inialy asked to press the reset button, but after that nothing happend, seams like board was not going into programing mode (XCTU not responding anything while pressing the reset button).
I dnt know its XCTU software issue or XBEE-PRO H/W.

Software used- XCTU Version: 6.3.8 Build ID: 20170518-2
hardware - xbeepro 24- DM/ usb to rs232 cable/ melange interface board.

it is most likely the board you are using. In order to upgrade firmware, the DI, DO, DTR, RTS and reset lines are required. You will find that most 3rd party boards connect DI and DO but not the others.