digitransport. at\mibs=adsl.0 . what are the OID's for this mib if i want to pull the info into solarwinds?

We have a selection of Digi/Sarian devices and wish to pull some of the contents of the at\mibs=adsl.0 command into Solarwinds using our SNMP pollers.

Currently i cannot find any information on the OID’s for this MIB anywhere [including Digi support who refuse to ring me back] … anyone have this info or knows where to find it?

Thanks in advance


We support the standard MIBs:
• Interfaces MIB (RFC2233)*
• IP MIB (RFC2011)
• IP Forwarding Table MIB (RFC2096)
• TCP MIB (RFC2012)
• UDP MIB (RFC2013)
• VRRP MIB (RFC2787)
• SNMP USM MIB (RFC3414)**

  • The following groups/tables in RFC2233 are not supported: ifXTable, ifStackTable,
    ** The following groups/tables in RFC3414 are not supported: usmUserTable.

We have some custom MIBs and you can find the info for that here:
Digi Specific (Available on website)
• Sarian Monitor MIB
• Sarian WiFi MIB

Device Specific (Available on device/self built)
• TransPort MIB

What you are looking for is included in the Device Specific TransPort MIB.

You can find how to build/access this here:

You will need to generate them for the Sarian ones. For the WR44 ones you should find A MIB file installed in the root directory of the router which you can copy off and use.

Please post the hardware and firmware version if you have some more questions.