DIO Adapter Terminal 6 power control

Is there a way to control the power on terminal 6 of a DIO adapter via .yml?

For example, the following is used with a smartplug device to control the time power is turned on/off:

power_on_source: tick_tock_power

I do not see a power channel with this device in a dump as with the smartplug.

Thanks in advance.

There does not appear to be one - the power setting only accepts True or False. It is designed to be used as a solid excitation voltage for use with digital inputs, not a 5th output.

You could examine the smartplug driver and cut-n-paste the channel subscription portion to the power pin.

The cut and paste from the smartplug driver worked great.


Glad to hear it.

I have been working on the DIO a lot lately - connecting 12vdc motion detectors with relay contacts as inputs and direct driving 12vdc landscape lighting fixtures.

The idea is to put ‘auto-night-lighting’ in my new house - all public areas will have these dim lights which automatically come on if anyone moves.