Xbee DIO Adapter

Hi People,

I have a question regarding how to add the pull up resistor to use ports 3 and 4 of DIO adapter as input, I even tried to use the terminals 1 and 2 as input and output 3 and 4 as they do not work, the only case that work is when I use as input port 1 and 2 as output or vice versa.

Could you please help me, what need to do to use ports 3 and 4 as either output or input.

From already thank you very much.

Marcos Roussillón

If you turn the pin #6 power on, you’ll have a 12vdc source. Then you add an external pull-up resister (say 10K or 20K ohm) to any of the 4 signals.

Hi Lynn,

Thanks four your help, I have the DIO adapter with 3,7 - 6V input range, but I’m confuce about what is the purpose of the 2do. battery slot, I provide voltage to the bigger battery slot (aprox. 4,5V) and the adapter works.
The cuestion is that the second battery slot of the DIO is for the pin 6 output?, what voltage I can use to provide energy to that slot?.
I search in the digi web page, forums, but I don’t found the battery detail description for the adapter.

Thanks again for your help.



Given there are only 4 dip switches on the DIO, I think you mean “If you turn the DIP switch 2 on, you’ll have a 12vdc power source on pin #6.”


In doing so, I am not getting 12V output on DIOs and AIOs with this configuration. (No internal batteries, by the way.) I’m using PIN 5 as ground. I also tried the device’s power input ground, still no 12V. Just 0V. Suggestions?

I think this is what you’re looking for (page 41):


Hi, did you solve this ??

I have DIO Adapters and set D4, D6, D7, P2 to 5 ( HIGH ) doesn’t produce any change on terminals X(