Disconnect/Out of Range indication

I’m using two XBP24BZ7 modules, one with coordinator API and one with router API firmware. When the router associates with the coordinator I get a modem status message on the router and a Node Identification Indicator on the coordinator. I was wondering if there is a way to get any similar notification on each device when the RF link goes out of range or one of the devices is switched off?

Any help is very much appreciated.


No, there will be no indication. In part this is ‘by design’ - imagine I have 10 devices in a room and they talk peer-to-peer, one wouldn’t want the loss of 1 of 10 nodes to hamper the other 9 nodes function. So they kind of run in blissful ignorance, assuming the future will be the same or better.

What I do in your situation is use the IR setting in remotes to cause the them to send me a ‘heartbeat’. You must have at least one IO pin set to 3 (digital input), but then setting IR to 60,000 causes a router to send an IS packet every 60 seconds. Then I have code which looks for missed ‘heartbeats’ by using a 65-second delayed event which a new heartbeat resets.

The best thing about the heart-beat is it causes no ‘timeout’ on the coordinator like some form of host/gateway ping would. The heartbeats just show up (or they don’t!)

If that sounds useful and you have more questions on the concept, ask and I can elaborate.