Disconnecting users remotely with Anywhere USB/2


I am currently using the Anywhere USB/2 device to access a USB device from multiple locations. I understand that only one PC can access the USB devices at any time, but I would like to know if there is a way to remove a connection from a remote location. Example:

  • PC1 connects to Anywhere USB/2 device.
  • I walk to PC2 and want to access the device.
  • Using PC2, I disconnect PC1 from the device.
  • I connect to the device using PC2.

Is there a way to do this using only the device configuration (i.e. not going into remote access of PC1)?



I received some AnyWhere USB/2 devices and want to share some hardware (different dongles and boards) with few clients.
After reading the command reference I tried the following approach to reserve the device for a client:

  • connecting with telnet (refer the CLI)
  • set accesscontrol [ip_of_permitted_user]
  • kill command for existing connection

This would be work fine if the accesscontrol option could be used on the USB/2 but it’s not implemented.

How can I free the device (located in another building, city, maybe country) when the user forget to disconnect?

Is there any firmware available to fetch this problems in administration?

Thanks for any response!