Disconnect users

Hi Friends,

I’ve recently Purchased the Digi USB Anywhere 8 Plus.
And starting to learn the product, but is there anyway i can disconnect a user from a distance? if they forgot to disconnect i can kick them of the system anyway?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Yorick,

You need to delete their IP address from the Connection List. AnywhereUSB device will disconnect from the host computer and return to an “Available for Host" mode.

you might want to open the web interface and in the Dashboard under AnywhereUSB Service click on show details, to see which clients are on, and which devices are connected.

The only way to kick a remote client out is to delete his client ID e.g. in the Webinterface under System > Configuration > AnywhereUSB Configuration.

similar can be done with CLI commands “(config) show service anywhereusb clients” to see which number the client has, then: “(config) del service anywhereusb clients x” with the client number, e.g. 0 and finally a “save” command, will save the configuration and kick out the client.

If you want him to reconnect later, you need to recreate the client ID and his group assignments.