Is there anyway to remotely force disconnect a client or a client's attachment to a group?

(other than rebooting the AnywhereUSB?)

I was able to disconnect a remote client by disabling and re-enabling the AnywhereUSB service in the Web UI.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding this.

You went to:
System > Device configuration > Services > AnywhereUSB and switched Enabled –> Disabled

And then re-enabled it again?


This does indeed disconnect a remote client. But it disconnects ALL the remote clients on that AnywhereUSB hub. Granted this is much faster than re-booting the hub, but I am looking to disconnect a single specific device\client relationship.

To free a Device-group from a Client attachment (without breaking all the client attachments):

  1. Login to the AnywhereUSB Admin

  2. Go to System > Configuration > AnywhereUSB Configuration

  3. Go to the Port for the device-group you wish to free, change the port assignment to “Unassigned” & apply. This breaks the connection to the client AnywhereUSB Manager.

  4. Wait until the Anywhere hubs refresh - not sure how long [ 30 seconds for a refresh? less than 6 seconds is too short]

  5. Go ahead and and reassign the port to the device-group, and apply. The Group can now be used by somene else.