DNS hostname

Does anybody know how to set the DNS name on a DIGI card ?
The DNS library only permit to retrieve an IP address from a DNS name.



The DNS entry is not set by the client. It is set directly on the DNS.

The DNS is an index that cross references URLs with IPs. The only way to change it is to directly modify the DNS server or modify a parent DNS server.

You may be thinking of the hostname, but that is not controlled by DNS. That is all internal to the client. That is the name that other computers get when they access your client, from the client itself.

There are several name retrieval protocols, the most common being hostname and netbios-ns.


In addition, you may wish to look at implementing option 12 for DHCP (where you notify the DHCP server of your hostname, which then forwards it on to a DNS server). After that, you would have to notify the DNS server of your hostname, which can be done using the naDns* API.

Hi egawtry,
Hi Charliek,

Thanks a lot. It was for the hostname I was looking for. I will try the DHCP option.



Those are VERY dangerous API calls. Playing games with your DNS is not a good idea, and it also presupposes that you have write capibility to the parent DNS (which a lot of ISPs firewall unless you have a Business account).

The way they work is that the ME pretends that it is a DNS server downstream of the parent DNS server and pushes an entry upstream. This is bad because:

  1. It pushes it out over the entire net. If you change an IP address, some places won’t get it updated for days and they can’t find you.

  2. Unless you have DNS permission, it makes your ISP mad as hell.

  3. The naDNS calls are not smart enough to handle multiple items pushing the SAME data for multiple IP addresses.

  4. It is completely non-standard. The naDNS calls are a hack. They also don’t handle firewalls very well.

Use a smart router. Works a lot better.