Do AW-TS-44-W suppport multihost connections ?

AW-TS (USB) -> (IP1)
AW-TS (COM1)-> (IP2)
AW-TS (COM2)-> (IP3)

The AnywhereUSB/44 does not support multi host function

Here is a Digi KB that discusses further:

AnywhereUSB installation guide:

On the AWUSB TS44 model, all 4 of the USB ports can connect to just one computer at a time. The 4 USB ports cannot be “split up”.

However, the 4 serial ports CAN be “split up”. For example, you can have one computer connected to serial port #1, another computer connected to serial port #2 and so forth. Or you could have one computer connected to serial ports #1 and 2, and another computer connected to the remaining serial ports #3 and 4.

It might help to think of it as two products in the same box, where one of the products is a 4-port USB-over-IP hub, and the other is similar (but not identical) to a Digi PortServer TS or Digi ConnectPort TS with 4 serial ports.

Please note that the 4 serial ports on an AWUSB TS44 model only function in “RealPort” mode, where the Digi RealPort driver is installed on a computer, and the serial ports are accessible by COM port numbers (using Windows as an example).

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