do i need to buy the dev kit?

ive bought 1 rcm3720, i just curious, do i need to order the dev kit or its just enough with the hardware. can i just download the software from intenet?

The Dynamic C development is freely available I believe (check the links above). You’ll still need a programming cable though… not sure how easy it would be to fabricate one yourself.

The programming cable can be ordered seperately from your supplier. I dont believe you’ll be able to fabricate one yourself easily since it does contain a level converter and possibly some inteligence. I’m not sure though. Still you’ll need to provide the RCM power and remember to pull its reset pin up.

The schematic is available on this website as well:

So it should be possible to do all the things yourself :slight_smile: So to answer your question, it’s not needed :slight_smile:

Ok so it looks like only a serial voltage level shifter. Not too difficult to build yourself then :smiley:
Thank you IwriteCode, I was too lazy to go search for the schematic.
You could probably use a MAX chip variant also then, though it’ll have to be to 3.3V level.

hi…if i want to use RCM3700
what type of dev kit shud i buy?can u all suggest or give me link what kind of product shud i order…

Now then if you go to the Low Cost dev kits link on this page
You can order the Dev Kit.
Now was that so hard?