Do we need to regenerate a yocto toolchain when we change our kernel DTS ?


We are currently developing a new board around the IMX6UL. We are generating the kernel with the DTS files given by IOmux. We use the core-image-base, because we don’t want Qt or x11 or any overhead.

On the software side, we use eclipse with the core-image-base toolchain for the IMX6UL-starter.

But, in the DTS files, we add some CANs, I2Cs, GPIOs which are not in the starter card.

From our comprehension, we can still use the starter toolchain, because the software should compile anyway : the compiler only needs to be set for the right processor.

Is this true, or do we need to update our toolchain every time we change the kernel DTS ?
If we need to use a yocto-generated toolchain, why is it so ? Is there some hardware-related configurations in the sysroot, or some specific preprocessor macros ? Do we need the exact right toolchain for the software to able to use the extra I2Cs/CANs ?

Thanks in advance,
Mathieu Galle, Vitirover

no need to recompile the toolchain for changes in the device tree. It is only needed if you add some packages that require libraries to your project

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thanks a lot !