Docs for XBIB-U

I see others asking for XBIB-U docs but the only replies, when there are any replies at all, are for the schematic. Is that all there is? Is there anything that describes the meaning of the six LEDs? The two DIP switches? The reset button? How to restore defaults with the XBIB-U? (I’ve seen the instructions for the XBIB-R but not the -U.) I don’t understand why a basic user manual isn’t on Digi’s site, or if it is, why is it so difficult to find?

There are other players in this 2.4G ISM band. I’m trying to stick with Digi, but I won’t hang around forever without better support.

Hello, did you end up finding the information you needed? We have schematics for the boards and a PDF which explains more ( ). I hope this helps.