Where can I get a manual for the XBIB-R, Rev 7?

Hello, I have an extremely interesting project which will ultimately use a current XBee Pro of some variety TBD. For now, I have been handed a pair of XBIB-R, Revision 7’s with XBee PRO S1’s loaded. Please direct me to documentation for the XBIB-R, Rev. 7 for now, such that I may locate a suitable power supply. Next of course I’ll ask for manuals for the XBee PRO S1, your ideas about testing tools, and so forth. Thank You most Sincerely, John Best

All of the information you are looking for can be found at https://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3257&type=documentation

Note that there is NOT a manual but the schematic for the XBIB interface board. You will also notice that if you look at the power port of the XBIB board, there is a listing of the acceptable voltage level right in the silkscreen.

Actually, there is nothing on the silkscreen, anywhere, though I particularly checked around J9, the coaxial power connector. The link points toward a user manual 90000982.PDF, which seems to cover the S1, but so far doesn’t seem to cover the XBIB-R REV. 7.

The S1 appears to be a 3.3V device, from the 90000982.PDF document, but the XBIB-R REV. 7 PCB appears to have a small power supply, and I assume it has a relatively wide input range, but I need to confirm.

Could you check for the link to the XBIB-R REV. 7 schematic?

Thank You,
John Best

All of my boards say 6 - 20VDC on them on the back side of the board next to the power port.

Thanks for the voltage range. It’s about what I’d expected, but indeed, Revision 7 of the XBIB-R does not include this information on the silkscreen. Would love to find the schematic too. Again, thanks for confirming voltage. -John