Does ConnectPort TS 16 MEI support port-sharing for RealPort device?


We have been a long time customers whco use portserver heavily for legacy serial feeds which are still used in our Operations. These serial feeds use Realport and take advantage of port-sharing feature supported in portserver. Therefore lots of cables were connected (source<->port) in support of this configuration. However as portserver has been phased-out, we are now looking for spares. My questions is does connectport support port-sharing for realport devices?. Digi claims that replacing portserver with connecport would be a simple drop-in replacement, how can this be true for customers who are still invested in serial data.



I’m with you, does digi plan to support port sharing in a future firmware revision? It’s a handy feature for us to use in troubleshooting.

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The ConnectPort TS does not support port-sharing.

The ConnectPort LTS family supports port-sharing but with limitations to TCP sockets and up to 4 connections only:

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