Only one connection is allowed by ConnectPort TS8

I have two Digi devices, one PortServer TS8 and one ConnectPort TS8.
The PortServer TS 8 allow to connect multiple system, but ConnectPort TS 8 doesn’t support.

Could you please help me to configure ConnectPort TS 8 enable connections to multiple system.

Note: I can see the “Allow multiple systems to simultaneously connect” (Configuration->Serial Ports->Profile Settings) option in the PortServer TS 8, but not in ConnectPort TS8

Hi and welcome to Digi Forums.

The ConnectPort TS8 does not have any support for multiple connections (or Port Sharing as it was called).

The ConnectPort LTS: has this capabilities but with the limitation of 4 maximum connections and only when using TCP Socket mode.

Hope this helps.

Thank you


Digi Technical Support Engineer