ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32 Terminal Server

Is that device support multi master ?
Means. It can be communicate with two master servers at same time.

Hello @ShadyAdel . I’m only familiar with the term “Multi master” with an Industrial Automation device. Is that the context in which you’re using that term, or could you provide more info about how you intend to use the ConnectPort LTS? What will be connected to the device’s serial ports? How do you want to connect to the physical devices connected to those ports?

Hi Michaelt,sorry for late response.
I’m using Digiport ConnectPort LTS with SCADA system control center which monitoring the electrical substations.
We are getting serial data com port from the station through RTU’s then through communication media coming to SCADA-EMS system with only one port and one channel no splitting for the data

Connection as following:

On control center side.
SCADA Server 1 → Switch->Digiport LTS<>serial data
SCADA Server 2 → Switch->Digiport LTS<>serial data

That’s mean the two SCADA server both are master and are communicating with this with this Digiport at same time.

But the issue received data through the Digiport is always come to only one f.e SCADA server1 and nothing is come on the SCADA server 2 .
And once stopping SCADA server1 the data go to SCADA server2 and receiving data.

So I need one Digiport working with multi source at same time .