Does DIAG connector has CTS/RTS connection?

I am trying to interface a serial printer with RCM3209.I am using DIAG connector in the programming module to use the serial port of RCM3209.The printer datasheet clearly states that XON/OFF handshaking should be taken care of which necessitates the need of CTS/RTS pin.If the CTS/RTS pins is allotted in the DIAG connector then which I/O pin is allotted?Or is default pin BIT 6 of PORT B is allotted?Please advise.

cts/rts are not used at all, DSR (status) is connected to the DIAG

Here is a link to the schematic for the programming cable for the RCM3209

The RTS and CTS lines from the PC end are tied together, according to the schematic.