Does Dynamic C have library support for zero configuration networking/Bonjour (mDNS, DNS-SD, IP4vLL)?

I am working on a device that can be accessed over TCP/IP using wired ethernet. I want a method to publish its service to clients automatically. I would like to follow established standards. Does Dynamic C have library support for this, or do I need to build my own support using DNS and multicast UDP library functions?


Hello Mbermal,

I did not understand your question properly.

However, I can provide you the Dynamic C 10 TCP/IP related user manuals and the overview of the network samples. Please go through the below documents and check if there is any useful information.
–>Basic Dynamic C TCP/IP introduction
–> This explains about available TCP/IP APIs.
–> This explains how to implement Web server application on Rabbit modules.
–>Security features
–>Dynamic C network samples overview
–>Dynamic Web Pages With The Embedded Web Server samples

TCP/IP sample applications under Dynamic c installation
C:\DCRABBIT_10.72\Samples cpip

I hope this helps you.

I am going to take your answer as no, Dynamic C libraries do not support zeroconf networking.

Here is the background:

Here are examples of zeroconf:

Dynamic C 10 does include support for link-local addressing (169.254.x.x), but there isn’t library support for mDNS.