I need a simple DHCP server for devices on a local network.

I need a simple DHCP server for devices on a local network.

Dynamic C has support for appications receiving IP addresses from a DHCP server on the network, but not to be the server.

I would like to use one of my RCM4000 Rabbit modules for this. Has anyone implemented this that would work with Dynamic C 10?

I have not implemented one on Dynamic C. But there are two that I use on my PC and I believe they have source for them. You might want to give them a look as follows:



If I am setting up an independent network (usually for testing) I use a cheap ADSL router for this as they all usually support working as a DHCP server. WiFi routers are also handy for this and most come with a 4 port switch built in as well which means a small 4 node network can be put together without needing a switch as well.

It is usually cheaper to use something like this than anything else and lots of people have old routers lying in a cupboard gathering dust.


Thanks for the responses, these are good ideas. Unfortunately my application requires more of an embedded solution that does not allow me to use a workstation with Linux or Windows.

Actually, after I posted the question I found what I was looking for in the Dynamic C examples. I had overlooked this earlier:

DCRABBIT_10.72\Samples cpip\dhcpd_demo.c