Does http server (or Rabbitweb) support gzip or any other compression for serving files?

I’d like to compress files served with gzip or deflate as Apache does. Does Rabbit’s http server support that?
Using: DC v10.72 with RCM6710

See Section 3.3 of volume 2 of the TCPIP user manual:

Dynamic C 8.50 introduces file compression support. The sample program /samples/tcpip/http/zimport.c demonstrates how to use this functionality. This sample is oriented towards the HTTP server; however, under the covers, HTTP is relying on Zserver to perform the compressed file handling.

Hi trooper2. Thank you for your answer. However, it is not quite what I was asking for. I was already aware of file compression and I’m extensively using it for storing my web page files. But those files are served uncompressed. What I’d like is to serve them gzip compressed, so that the browser accepting gzip/deflate encoding, would afterwords decompress them. The purpose is obviously to speed-up the server.