Download Files From SD RAM into a PC

Does any body know how to download files that are currently on SD RAM (RCM4000) into a PC? There are some sample code that allow file upload into SD, but what are the steps to do the reverse? any comments would be great,

I have a need similar to Shalgham. I am trying to make a file in FAT on serial flash on a RCM4200 available on the HTTP server for download by a browser client. Can the HTTP server and CGI be used for this purpose?

The only sample code provided with DC 10.46 is for an upload to the HTTP server, and it is strongly hinted that “new” CGI is only capable of that one operation, triggered by a form action, and calling built-in function upload_cgi(). I have not found an example of performing the opposite operation, downloading a file from the HTTP server. Does anyone know where I might find a working code sample, which I could use as a template?

you can use:


this sample explains how to upload, download, delete thru an FTP client

hope this help you

cerebronico - Thanks for the suggestion. I am aware of that sample program, and made an FTP server for the client, but it was rejected. They want to use an HTTP server, so I need a solution using a Rabbit-based HTTP server.

I have for now solved the problem with a brute force transmission of a file, a block at a time. I was hoping the Dynamic C libraries might support a more elegant solution for HTTP download, similar in simplicity to the FTP server or the HTTP upload. So far, I have not found it.