Downloading FAT file using HTTP

Hi all;

I am trying to download a FAT file from an http server which is running in RCM4300 and i am using DC10.21. Is it possible with using Rabbit web and Zhtml. Any suggessions would be greatly appreciated

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Look in the RabbitWeb documentation.
I know it is possible to accept file uploads via a form.

Do you want the Rabbit to query a remote server, download a file, and copy it to the FAT filesystem?

If so, I don’t know if it is possible.

Like Abhilash, I am trying to make a file in FAT on a RCM4200 available on the HTTP server for download by a browser client. Can the HTTP server and CGI be used for this purpose?

The only sample code provided with DC 10.46 is for an upload to the HTTP server, and it is strongly hinted that “new” CGI is only capable of that one operation, triggered by a form action. I have not found an example of performing the opposite operation, downloading a file from the HTTP server. Does anyone know where I might find a working code sample, which I could use as a template?

Hi every body

I have the same problem I wana download a file from the http server or FTP server.
Please help me !