Does router(xbee3)'s program need?

I’m sorry to bother you over and over.
I want to transmit the data coordinator to end device each other through a router without specifying the router’s address.
My router’s program is a combination of xbee-microPython sample(receive_data and transmit_data).

So, if I make mesh-type network by some xbee3 and sender designate end device or coordinator, do I need router’s program? And, does router’s xbee change AP status?

You do not need a Mico Python application to allow data to flow thru a router. It is the DL and DH values on the node that is sending the data to start with that determines which node will output the data on its UART. So if the Coordinator sets its DL and DH to the End devices SL and SH, and if the End device is associated to the router, the router will automatically hold the data and pass it to the end device when the end device wakes up and polls for it.

That is all done within the firmware of the XBee.

thank you. I try it.