Zigbee cluster

Hi, i use Xbee/Zigbee modules.

I wish to establish cluster topology.

So, in order to make end devices to send data only to one router i have to set up the DH, DL address to that router.

But how to make routers to send data to other routers and to coordinator, but not to end devices ?

An End device can only join a parent router or coordinator. Once joined to that parent, all data sent or received for that end device is routed via that parent.

If you want to send data to a specific radio or node on that network, then you set the Dl and DH to match the SL and SH of that node.

NOT not use the DL and DH fields for routing of data. The DL and DH fields are ONLY used to provide the last radio or node in the network that is to receive the data, pass it out its UART or do something with it. The routing of the data is done automatically.

But can we (somehow)select among which nodes to route data ?

The only way to do that is to have them be end devices. End devices do not rout data. Routers and the Coordinator can rout data.

You need to understand that also you need to have a parent device (Router or the coordinator) for ever 10 end devices.