Does the Xbee DIO Adapter Support Python Scripts?

Does the Xbee DIO adapter support Python scripts?

Or do you have to couple the DIO with a connectport device which runs the python script?

I basically just need to count digital pulses using the DIO and every N pulses send a specific string over the radio…

Can this be accomplished using only the XBee DIO adapter (and of-course another Xbee on the other end to receive the radio’d message)

i have the same question.

The problem with pulse counting is you will lose some percentage of them. For example, during Zigbee route discovery you’ll probably lose 5 seconds worth of pulses. You coudl look into the ‘Programmable XBee’ to do the counting locally and send a total over the RF.

If you set the correct bits in the IC setting, the Xbee will send you a new packet every time the input changes, but I won’t trust doing this with more than a 10Hz signals.

This page shows which Xbee I/O pins are linked on the adapter.