How to Get Started

Can someone point me to any real documentation on getting started programming an XBee DIO Adapter?

I have only found the sparse Wiki article:
Wiki Article

[li]Is there an IDE?
[/li][li]Can you use Eclipse?
[/li][li]Is a ConnectPort device required to program it?
[/li][li]How do you debug?

According to the Digi Python Programmer’s Guide, I need to access the device’s Web Interface… I assume that means I have to connect to it via a ConnectPort device?

Eric Newb

i’m searching for clear documentation about it, but i cant found it. Is there someone who can help about it ?

Beforehand, thanks !

There is a programming page for the XBee Digital I/O Adapter at:

Additional product information for the adapter, which is mostly hardware-related, is in this user’s guide:

The Xbee DIO has no web page.

The PDF mentioned by Barbara will cover some of the low-level details, such as which I/O is connected where. Unfortunately, that won’t help you understand how to manage it.

Have you looked at the Digi ESP for Python?

It is an Eclipse-based IDE and has sample code talking with the DIO.

The only documents you will find are in the ESP’s Python code.