XBee Digital I/O Adapter Relay Demo Problem


i have a question to you. So I’m trying to get access my xbee devboard. I want to have access to the buttons SW2,SW3 and SW4 and to the LED 1,2 and 3. For this i found the following link in the digi wiki. The problem is, i didn’t have an Digital I/O Adapter, only the devboard and the Connectport X8. Without some changes it dosen’t work, not having an I/O Adapter. The question i have is, what are the changes i have to do in the light_d.py?


All other points explained in the documentation are already done.
Hope you can help me solve my problem. Thank you

Have you loaded the Digital IO firmware on the XBee module? You can do this via X-CTU. (Firmware 2764)

No I didn’t, I have the firmware version 2264. Do I need this version? I heared that I have to change the 64 bit -adress of my dev board in light_d.py. And of course do some additional changes. Becuase I didn’t have an external Digital I/O Adapter and in light_d.py are some command lines that cover to the Adapter. If I only change the adress of my xbee devboard i have an endless loop, because it is the same adress as the adress of the Digital I/O Adapter in that case.

I hope you can tell me what changes I have to make.