Python script for XBee AIO Adapter

Hello world,

I received today a new toy, an XBee analog (AIO) Adapter. However it didnt have any documentation how to configure it and read the analog inputs. I would be happy to see some basic example how to do that.
(I remember seeing on this forum that someone (I think it was Jordan…) had an example code for this but can’t find that topic anymore.)

I am still new in Digi world so any hints help. Thanks!



Okay so this page has the example code I need

The problem now is that my gateway (X8) doesnt communicate with this new adapter. I took the radio module out of the adapter and put it into a interface board to see its settings but the modem communication failed because of the analog I/O firmware I believe.

I tried to install another radio module to the Adapter. The gateway finds it but the example code fails on the first “ddo_set_param”, probably because the firmware isnt correct for the analog IO now…

So I dont know what to do. What should I do to get the gateway to see the original XBee adapter module? I don’t know what firmware it has because the box contained no documentation about it and XCTU doesnt talk with it.

Thank you for any help!


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You won’t be able to communicate to the module from an AIO adapter from your XBIB development board because the AIO firmware type used on the module disables the UART of the module as necessary for its type of operation. In other words, the AIO type firmware is specifically designed for use in an AIO adapter, and will not talk to a dev board (other than to write the firmware on the module itself).

If this AIO adapter is not associating to your CP-X8, first of all make sure they’re using the same “type” of firmware (ZNet 2.5 can’t talk to ZB for instance, like only talks to like).

If you’ve verified the same type of protocol is being used on the two devices, you can hit the “Ident” button on the AIO adapter 4 x times in rapic succession, which should cause the module to Network Reset itself and come up looking for a Coordinator’s PAN to join. Hopefully at that point, a refresh of your CP-X8 Network View of the XBee Devices screen will show your AIO adapter. If not, repeat these same steps until it does, since it will NR0 every time you do the 4-button push reset and cycle through the channels til it finds a Coordinator.

Hey and thanks,

yeah I figured that out myself; Im having ZNet 2.5 in the gateway and ZB in the adapter. Is it possible to change the adapter firmware to ZNet? I believe at least I can get my X8 to use ZB.


My recommendation would be to load “ZB” firmware in both CP-X gateway and adapters, since ZNet 2.5 was an interim solution prior to release of ZB.

Make sure your CP-X8 has the latest EOS firmware from our Support website, so you can utilize the gateway’s ability to upgrade it’s embedded XBee-PRO module by using a ZB ver. 2141 ebl file.

Now that the fully Zigbee Pro featureset compliant ZB firmware is available, ZNet 2.5 is obsolete so I can not recommend using it.