Doubts about RCM4000

Where I work have a development kit RCM4000, and my boss asked me to study this module by manual, but read all the manual, seems for me very difficult, because I don’t understand a lot about this subject.
I need help to understand at least for what this module serves. And how can I use this to measure electrical current (of the socket), for exemple?
I appreciate any help. (I’m pretty lost)

I am not sure what you mean by ‘what this module serves’, but the RCM40xx is very powerful for a lot of applications. I take it you want to measure AC current? I dont work with AC at all, but in DC you would use a current sensor if you can get in-line, or a probe for external use. If the output is digital, thats great, it can feed right into the Rabbit, if not you would have to make use of a Analog-to-Digital converter. Explain your needs a little more…