DOUT unknown periodic change(XBee S6)


I try XBee WiFi. It works with your development kit.
But It doesn’t work with my board(solder less board).

I simplized this issue.
I used only following terminal.
VCC: connected to 3.3V
GND: connected to GND.
DOUT: connected only to the measure equipment.

I found out the illegal DOUT that was changed periodically.
Below picture describes that. Please refer.

I tried to connect 470uF, 0.1uF, 8.2pF to VCC line. But it’s no efficient.

Do you have any solution? I’m not sure why your development kit works well.

the product manual advises to use a capacitor >500uf between VCC and GND… so better use that.

Second, check your serial connection settings… are you using correct baud rates, etc ?

If you still can;t find solution then I advise you to contact digi technical support for quick solution. Also share it with us when you figure it out.