DPA Remote does not install on HPUX 11.31

Attempting to install the DPA Remote tool on HPUX 11.31. I copied the depot to my serrver and attempted to install. I receive the message “There are no products on this source which are compatible with the target”. It is as though the depot has nothing that runs on my server. The PortServer TS 2 drivers installed no problem, but without the dpa remote tool I can’t discover and configure my port server.

Try the following:

  1. Place the downloaded distribution file into a directory called /tmp/dpar.
  2. Enter the following commands:
    tar xvf 40002193_version.tar
    /usr/sbin/swreg -l depot /tmp/dpar/digidpar.pkg
    /usr/sbin/swinstall -s /tmp/dpar/digidpar.pkg
  3. Choose the line item, digidpar.
  4. Choose Actions > Mark for install.
  5. Choose Actions > Install (analysis).
  6. In the Install Analysis window, choose OK.
  7. Follow the prompts.

Thanks userid0. That covered the basics but there were still additional problems. Although dparemote says it supports HPUX 11.x, in fact the installer does not recognize the downloaded depot as a valid depot for HPUX 11.31. Once I selected the option to allow incompatible software the installer allowed the application to be installed. I had to issue a separate swconfig command (swconfig -p -x allow_incompatible=true digidpar) as well. Once it was finally installed, dparemote did not actually discover my portserver. None of the methods suggested in the documentation allowed the port server to be assigned an IP address or to be recognized in any way by dparemote. In the end I logged in to the port server via the serial port and configured it manually to have a static IP address. I wanted to avoid the need to touch each port server before deployment, but that is not possible. dparemote is a less than useful tool and I am a bit disappointed in digi at this moment. My next step is to try to reference the serial port in an HPUX 10.20 SRP container running under HPUX 11.31.