Well, I am certainly not happy with Digi

I have a Portserver TS 4 that I’m trying to install on Linux and the discover program can’t find this unit. I suspect this is because I have two NIC cards in the system and the program doesn’t “look” for both.

But basics: search by PART number and Digi cannot identify it’s own product by it’s own part number.

search by SERIAL number and Digi cannot identify it’s own product by it’s own serial number.

Knowledge base “Multiple Interface” nope
Multiple Nic nope.

Product documentation? Beyond the mastery of plugging cables and mastering the ON and OFF states of the power … nothing.

MY current plan of action is to go to my local Fry’s electronics and see if I can buy 4 port serial card

Just a note – it gets better, too.

After finding, making and installing the RPMs for the driver, it turns out that there’s no DPA package for the X86_64 architechture. Linux ES 4 isn’t even listed as an option.

I found that the DPA Remote utility can be installed on x86_64 platforms by using the tgz installation and creating a symbolic link:

ln -s /opt/dg/tcl-tk(ver)/linux-intel /opt/dg/tcl-tk(ver)/x86_64

Also, a version of dpa is available with the driver, simply issue dpa.dgrp from the Linux root prompt.

I do not have multiple NIC interfaces and do not know if this could be a factor in discovery.