dropped connections

Hi All, In periods of high network activity (not necessarily addressed to our device) our socket seems to stop “hearing” TCP packets. We originally thought it was an ethernet driver stall (narment.c) but if we have two sockets each recieving data, one will “drop off” and the other will continue handshaking. Since they are both using the same driver, it appears like it is alive. We are using pSOS+/pNA. It appears to work fine if there isn’t much ethernet traffic. Also in narmenet.c how should the ERXBAD bit in the Ethernet General Control Register (egcr) be set? I have seen this set two different ways in two different versions of narmenet.c Thanks

it seems like the stack is “droping” packets Do you use 10 or 100 Mbs ? Half duplex or Full ? Try to go to the lower speed (NCC_EFE).egcr.reg = 0x00010000; / full duplex */