Rx EFE errors

In heavy network load conditions I’m seeing receive EFE errors (Alignment Errors) and (Short Frame errors). Anybody else seeing this? This is in a 10BaseT half-duplex network.

yes, I can see it too, I think it’s normal. do you see alot of collisions too ?

My network is heavily loaded (though most of the traffic is not addressed to the Net+40 address) so I do see many collisions. Without the collisions I don’t see the Rx EFE errors. In certain network configurations these errors occur frequently enough to cause the upper level protocol (TCP/IP) to drop the connection. Does anybody know of any register settings, etc. that can alleviate these?

I,maybe, get the same problem. my experiment: 1. around 10 SNMP managers to get data from the same SNMP Agent, at almost same time 2. continue the test around 20~30 minutes 3. then all of the SNMP managers will turn to connection fail, even I re-start only one SNMP manager. 4. At the duration of connection fail, I can ping the SNMP agent and console port is connection in well, too 5. when I re-power on or re-set the SNMP agent, the connection, with SNMP manager, will live again 6. I use Net+40 with ARM7 Till now, have you any solution about the problem?