DRPD Clustering

I have 150 Digi Real PortServer TS8s and TS16s. These units currently run on one server. I would like to set up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server Cluster and spread the PortServers across the nodes of the cluster. Does anyone have experience running the DRP Daemon in a clusterd environment? Can DRPD support a true active-active cluster?

Unfortunately, I have not worked with clustering and have not tested the driver in this environment. Although, I am told the RealPort driver is not cluster aware.

Since you have a large amount of products involved, I recommend contacting your Digi Vendor/Distributor regarding this type of driver support.

I’ve performed exhaustive research, contacted several vendors, and contacted Digi. Nobody seems to know exactly how the driver will handle a cluster. The Digi engineers believe the driver is cluster aware. I’ll be testing this over the next month or so. Hopefully, DRP will cooperate.

What is your current status ?

We do nearly the same and have problems with the connectivity to serial ports after node fail over…

Regards - Andre

(etherlite 160, realport 1.5, Linux RH AS3)