How to configure two Port Servers to work with Solaris RealPort driver?

We have two Digi Port Servers (TS 16), and our goal is to configure
both to work with Solaris RealPort Driver. Release notes says that
driver supports 1016 devices, but when we add second server using
drpadmin we get some problems.

There are two devices in /dev which are used by ncxd daemon:
crw------- 1 root root 294, 0 Aug 1 16:20 /dev/digi_realport0
crw------- 1 root root 294, 1 Aug 1 16:21 /dev/digi_realport1

First device (/dev/digi_realport0) works fine, but second is unusable:

dd if=/dev/digi_realport1

dd: /dev/digi_realport1: open: No such device or address

We tried to setup second driver instance by adding this line into /kernel/drv/digi_realport.conf:
name=“digi_realport” parent=“pseudo” instance=1;

But got this error message:
digi_realport: [ID 644278 kern.notice] NOTICE: RealPort: already attached

Solaris 10 (sparc 1/06 and x86 6/06), Digi RealPort Driver v2.7.8.

Any suggestions?

This is a known issue with the released driver in Solaris 10. Contact Digi Tech. Support for the fixed pre-release driver version.