Digi Realport 2.8.4 on SPARC Oracle Solaris 10 LDOMs (virtual logical domain, not zones)

Is it possible to use a Digi serial device in a SPARC Solaris 10 LDOM configuration.

It works fine in a global and a non-global zone as expected (thanks to Andreas “Support on Solaris SPARC LDOM 10 or 11 ?”),
but if I migrate this working configuration into a Solaris 10 LDOM configuration as Guest-domain I get no functions.

What is the problem?
I guess the realport driver must also be installed in the LDOM service-domain.
But how do I get the virtual devices mapped into the LDOM guest-domain,
especially which device, for example “/dev/dty/a001s” or “/dev/digi_realport0”

Many thanks for the support