Digi serial port in non-global Solaris zone


Is it possible to use a Digi serial device in a non-global Solaris zone ?

It works fine in the global zone as expected, but if I try to access it in a non global zone, I get no output in the terminal program. I can see active link lights and the byte counters increase in the Portserver webpage.

This is the steps I have taken:

  1. Installed the Digi driver in the global zone
  2. Created non-global zone an added this to the zone config:
    zonecfg:zone> add device
    zonecfg:zone:device> set match=/dev/dpr/01001s
    zonecfg:zone:device> end
  3. Manually created the device in the non-global zone from the global zone:
    mkdir /zones/sol10z/dev/dpr
    cd /zones/sol10z/dev/dpr
    mknod 01001s c 310 3264
  4. Tested with Minicom and Tip with the same settings as in the global zone.

It looks like data is going through, but I canĀ“t get any output in the terminal program.

Anyone got this working ?