/dev/dty/xx001s solaris device not created correctly

I have a digi Port Server TS MEI 8 port box with a serial connection on port 1.
I have Solaris 10 on a T5220 with realport 2.8.5 installation. Devices created using drpadmin ok.
0 serialbox.sbl.co.uk 8 xx 771 never 1027
I have an entry in /etc/remote
I can tip to this fine and I get a “connected” message.

So I am trying to duplicate this on another server, this time a V425. So the only real difference is that this is a sun4u architecture whereas the working server is sun4v.

Same setup exactly. However when I tip or stty or try to communicate with /dev/dty/xx001s I get this:
tip: /dev/dty/xx001s: No such device or address
all ports busy
The /dev/dty entry is present. Everything looks the same, module loaded, daemon running etc but the /dev/dty entry seems duff.

Anyone seen this before?

Thanks for any assistance

So a quick amendment. Possible relationship to the serial port security settings where you tell the portserver which IP/mask to allow a connection from.
I did not need security on this device so removed the permitted addresses. Now the working system doesn’t connect and fails with the same error. But adding an entry back doesn’t correct the error :frowning:

Try looking over: