digi TS16 ports

I have installed a driver realport for digi TS16,on two server with OS. UnixWare 7.1.1, this server are in network with a different ip.
The problem is that if the demon ncxa is started on server of backup it catch the ports that are free,with command “who” i see that the ports 1-5 are connected from that is the server,the other ports are connected with backup
Why ?
Thanks for answer.

It sounds like a case of first come first serve.

Only one RealPort host can access a particular port at a time. So ttymon or getty running from 2 different hosts will not work reliably. However, this configuration is ideal for spooled printing from multiple RealPort hosts.

You will need to disable the daemons on the backup host, to not cause a ‘race’ condition with the production host.