Duplicating a PS II settings to a TS 16

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Have anyone tried to duplicate a settings on a PS II model to a TS 16 model before ?
Customer is having some settings on the PS II model, but alas, did not have any documentation of configuration/setting that was done previously. Can we list out the settings and duplicate to a TS 16 ??

Here is a link to a document that describes how to download or view the configuration:


Once you’ve created the cpconf file from the PSII, you would be able to use it as a reference to setup the TS16.

I’m not sure whether uploading the configuration to the TS16 would work, since some commands have changed syntax between the two models, and some would be invalid altogether.

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I’ll follow this link and view the documentation. Incidently, I’ll be going on site to do it for the customer on Jan 26th Monday.
I’ll keep you updated. Rgds.

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I’ve already went on site and found that most of the settings are able to be duplicated to the TS 16. However, there are some other issues that pop up during the configuration and have open a Case ID with support@digi.com, and will liaise with them.

I would like to thank you for your assistance, much appreciated.

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I’m not sure what you meant by support@digi.com, but that’s a dead e-mail address if you actually sent an e-mail there. If you just meant it as a reference rather than an actual e-mail address, disregard this post.

If you need to open a support case online, go to the following link:


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